Arrows Down

Arrows Down


Arrows Down is a singer and songwriter from a humble background in Hertfordshire. Born as Tom Cameron, his introduction to music was his toy tape recorder when he was five years old. Heʼd worked through the nursery rhymes and stuck in a tape that would fundamentally drive him forever: Sgt Pepper.

He started playing piano and wrote his first song, again aged 5 and using the toy tape recorder. By the time heʼd hit double figures heʼd picked up the saxophone, violin, drums and pretty much anything he could get his hands on.

At 15 he discovered the hedonistic, pill-fueled, unifying lifestyle that rave music offered. The instruments gave way to turntables and mics. However when bravado and macho attitude bled into the lotus-eating, he went straight back to his first love.

It was at 18 that his attention was drawn to the guitar and London town. He joined a multitude of bands and worked with many collaborators including rock trios, indie bands, electronic artists and grime acts.

While on tour with various bands at massive venues and festivals, he was constantly writing songs. He realised there was a pile of tracks that he was keeping back, things that really didnʼt fit anywhere else. Arrows Down was born to bring them to life.

A versatile performer, Arrows Down can hold an audience as a one man show with an acoustic guitar, as a duo with his producer ThermalBear on electronics and with a full- fledged backing band including string section.

Collaborators also include G FrSH from Tinie Tempahʼs Disturbing London camp and UK Top Ten artist Maiday, Indie/Punk rising stars Bleech and House Music impresario Sasha.

His debut album ‘Teathered’ drops in October 2013. Grab some music from his site now