Cabein / Kunal Anand

Cabein / Kunal Anand

The eyes to our ears

Each morning, he’s plagued with the same thought most creatives wake with: “Must sleep earlier.” Every day and night bestows him with an unremitting barrage of images, vibrant colors and beauty in the most unlikely of places – Kunal Anand can’t stop finding inspiration everywhere his curious eyes look (“the rust on the gutter, the graphite down the road…everything.”). He can’t find the willpower to put himself to sleep when there’s so much to see.

Communicating his characteristic styles in spray can, in clay sculpture and in tippex, and expressing elegance through typography, Kunal portrays a culture clash between Britain and Asia. His work oozes juxtaposition and irony, using unexpected, controversial images and telling a story through methods that defy convention.

With an overwhelmingly impressive list of jobs stacked in his cupboard and a breathtaking visual portfolio to accompany it.

The journey began in 2000 as the grey skies of London beckoned him near. Kunal quickly sunk his teeth in and, though it’s a massive city most would call daunting, found it quite easy to call it home. Creativity consumed his every minute – he created exceptional work and was also busy creating inspiring friendships. Before long, he was warmly locked in a solid relationship with Shiva Soundsystem, who adopted the prodigy as their official designer. Extensive design jobs were recurrently thrown his way and his signature style soon became highly reputable.